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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why are you running to raise funds to help dogs?

My name is Marie Choo. I am a retired PR professional who used to work in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle industry. I am now known mainly for my work as The Dog Alchemist, a dog behaviourist and trainer who rehabilitates dogs, as well as a lifestyle athlete. I started the I RUN FOR RESCUE DOGS movement back in 2014, in which I run races to raise awareness and funds for the no-kill dog shelters in Singapore. Since 2018, I am very fortunate to have a few runners joining the pack every year to help with this woofy cause. To date, we have raised over $100,000 to help a few no-kill animal shelters over the past 6 years.

Why help the dogs in no-kill animal shelters?

Not everyone knows about the existence of no-kill dog shelters in Singapore and the plight of rescue dogs. There are 2 types of rescue dogs – strays and abandoned pet dogs. If we don't help, the dogs may be caught and culled, perish from road accidents or illnesses from lack of food and care. At the non-profit no-kill shelters, the dogs that are rescued are given shelter, food and medical care. More importantly, they get to experience compassion and love from humanity. Most of the dogs in the shelters are rescued strays that are being forced out of their natural habitats by urbanisation. However, some are pet dogs that have been cruelly abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves in an environment unknown to them. 

Why should I donate to I RUN FOR RESCUE DOGS and not directly to the the shelters?

You could if you wish to but when you donate through I RUN FOR RESCUE DOGS, I will keep the donors updated via my Facebook when I visit the shelters and post receipts when money is being transferred to the shelters. I personally visit the no-kill shelters, namely Mdm Wong's Shelter and Friends, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter and Uncle Khoe's K9, to ensure the dogs are being taken care of and the donations are being used appropriately.

Why don't you use a charity portal or website?

The two main reasons that I chose not to use a charity portal or giving website are because I would like to track all donations and thank the donors personally, and for 100% of the proceeds to go towards helping the less fortunate dogs. I have tried using such platforms in the past but was not able to access the list of donors or was told the platform will take a percentage as admin fee. 

How can I donate?

Bank Transfer – DBS Savings 030-7-016311 (Please indicate your name and I RUN FOR RESCUE DOGS)

DBS PayLah! or PayNow – Using my mobile number for those who know me personally

Credit Card or PayPal – PayPal.Me/MarieChoo (Please note that PayPal may take a small percentage of the amount as service fee)

Races for 2020

Ultra-Trail Tarawera 100 miles - 8th February

CCC 100km at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc - 28th August

What The Media Are Saying

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