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Top Spots To Photograph Dogs

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Locations where I take IG-worthy pics of my woofies

Fort Canning

Ever since I became a trail runner, I have discovered many beautiful places in Singapore for landscape photography. As a creative person who graduated with a degree in fashion and worked in the industry for many years, I am always on the lookout for the next Vogue-worthy location to photograph my dogs, Butter and Ash.

Image credit: Ashlogue
Fort Canning

Here are some of my favourite captures of Butter (sable) and Ash (blue merle), my pair of Shetland Sheepdogs, or known affectionately as Shelties for short. I hope the images will inspire you to get outdoors with your dogs and create some lasting digital memories with them.

Fort Canning

Fort Canning Park is a great place where I love to take my dogs for walks and photography, especially on quiet weekdays when there's hardly anyone around. One loop around the entire park is a mere 2km, with many parking areas along the perimeter for added convenience.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens has been around for 160 years and this grand dame is the only UNESCO Heritage Site in Singapore. On days when I'm not running around here, I would also take my dogs for leisurely strolls.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens makes a good location for photography with its contrasting flora and the variety of landscapes as backdrops.

Botanic Gardens

Labrador Park is a little farther away from town for me but I had taken the dogs there once so they can check out the remnants and relics from World World II. There are quite a few nice spots such as the Coastal Walk and ComChest Green that I would like to take them for photography if we happen to be there again some day.

Labrador Park

That's all for now, everypawdy. I will be back with more locations to share in the sequel for top spots to photograph dogs.

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